"My website is down!"

"The page has disappeared!"

"That video won't stay in the middle!"

Relax! Whether it's a completely bespoke website or a Content Management System tailored to your design, I will help you to be in control of as much, or as little, of your website as you want. If necessary I will train you and provide documents and screenshots to show you how to use your website. I can also temporarily 'hide' the more advanced bits so as to minimise the chances of making a mistake. Mistakes do happen so I keep daily backups of your website too.

Likewise I can help if you are using my hosting and need help with pointing domain names at name servers, or setting up various types of email accounts, creating databases, using .htaccess files effectively and so on.

I am just an [javascript protected content], [javascript protected content] or [javascript protected content] away!