I offer hosting for all websites I develop. Of course, you don't have to use this, but I think I offer some attractive deals. In all cases you are in control of your domain name, so you can point away from my hosting at any time - no holding websites to ransom here! If you purchase your own domain name, make sure you have easy access to controlling its nameserver configuration - some companies charge a hidden premium for this. Again I can advise.

So, why use my hosting?

  • unlike traditional shared host providers, along with all the problems that can bring, I offer hosting on a distributed grid-like system
  • the biggest advantages are speed and scalability; if your website suddenly attracts a lot of visitors, server-power is seamlessly added resulting in no slow-downs or crashes
  • the nature of this system makes it fault-tolerant - and your website won't go down due to another completely unrelated website (as can happen with basic shared hosting)
  • I am most familiar with this system and its providers, so any problems should be resolved swiftly

You can leave all the hosting configuration to me, or you can be provided with your own login to your hosting area dashboard. This will allow to set up your own email accounts, databases etc and would give you full control of your website's hosting environment.