about barn owl web solutions

Based in Lincolnshire, I have been designing and developing small business, blog and other websites for a number of years.

I believe that a web presence is vital. Many people now turn to the internet first when looking for goods and services. I believe that a social media presence should be backed up by a professional-looking, reassuring website. While there are many 'simple' DIY options out there, these can at worst be off-putting to potential clients, may not conform to best practices and standards and may even break the law.

There are many things to consider when publishing a website: domain name registration and renewal, ease of use, website up-time, social media implementation, achieving desired goals, security (client details, safe payment systems, website hacking/defacement), scalability, email address set-up and use, search engine submission and on-going optimisation, website plugins security and upgrades, trade and other index website submissions, copyright law, information commissioner office law, disability discrimination act law. Etc.

I can do this.

about me

My name is Jon Frend. I mostly work alone but I have a pool of other designers, artists, photographers I can call on, along with whomever else you may need to achieve your desired result.

Formerly a Senior Analyst Programmer with Europe's largest department store, I worked in the development of retail information systems, specialising in database programming and data transformation and control. Health reasons forced me to retire that career early, but I am now fully recovered and enjoying life in rural south Lincolnshire.

I built my first website in 1995. It has been a passion ever since.

If you are looking to update an existing design/website or to create a new one, whether it be in a static advertisement style, a busy blog, a complete online shop or something else, please contact me to see what I can offer.