next steps

My services can include some or all of the below. Much of this can be done by my customers, however I am here for help and advice.

  • decide what sort of website you need
    • target audience?
    • purpose? (advert/online shop/blog etc)
    • who will maintain and update it?
    • how often?
  • register a suitable domain name
    • decide on your top level domain name (tld)(what you want your website address ending to be e.g., .com, .org etc - choose one or more)
    • check there are no 'hidden surprises'(make sure you have control over its name servers, and that you don't have to pay extra for this)
  • decide on your design
    • The intention is to design a framework on which to display your content
    • I can mock up some designs to help you visualise your website

I will then quote you a price to build you a website. Any training on the use of the website will be considered and included at this point

If agreed, for a small monthly fee I will keep your website up to date and secure as possible. I will use industry standard techniques to help give it a good ranking on the search engines over time. I will also be available for help and support, and for minor tweaks to the website design. I will contact you quarterly to see if all is ok and if there is anything else you need. I will make regular backups of your website and keep copies of any bespoke coding etc. I will forward these to you on request.